Iceberg: Exposing Psychopathic Behavior and Restoring Our Humanity

Iceberg, a book by Jon Myers

Iceberg… is a memoir of Jon’s detailing a substantial part of his journey to becoming the World’s Best Mediator and beyond. Jon was hit with a psychopathic assault that is symbolized in the form of his younger brother David and his wife.

Not only were Jon’s basic precepts of fairness challenged in our divorce system; those precepts were tripled by the erroneous betrayal of his family, over the course of decades.

Here, Jon reveals his journey and the approaches he took, to survive such profound betrayal and unfairness.

Generally underscored with the sense that no matter, how great the obstacle, Jon would overcome it, Iceberg is a textbook for any who seek to overcome challenges in your life, along with a guidebook for those facing divorce, Parental Alienation or even psychopathic/narcissistic abuse, or abuse of any kind.

Jon found his inner champion and you can too!

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