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The Myers Mindset

*Go from good to great *Turn challenge into opportunity *Find your sacred path

The Myers Mindset is the approach to life you need. There is a nefarious psychology at work in our culture. Jon Myers has developed the remedy for good people (most of us) to thrive in these most challenging times. The Myers Mindset helps you discover and develop your greatness. Start your journey  through training, coaching, and/or mediation today!

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Jon Myers: The
World's BEST Mediator

Jon Myers has a sacred story shifting the  mindset of America and the world. 

Faced with unfathomable and irrational opposition; Jon used this as an opportunity to dig in find his true self and pave a better way for humanity. Myers is committed to helping you thrive in challenging times.

Already deeply involved in helping others; the twenty-five-year period of challenge, took Jon from good to great. Jon has seen humankind at its worst and is committed to bringing out the best for most of us. Tired of divisiveness and unproductivity? Then work with Jon.

Challenge helped Jon develop wonderful qualities, in turn which, he offers to you and makes Jon, the World’s Best Mediator.

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You will gain inner strength by watching the series AND learn why Jon’s work is a science!

Through his unfathomable life, story, and work Jon Myers has developed the mindset that you need for these most challenging times!

Gain the benefits of
the Myers Mindset

Training for Companies

You will learn how s to approach every day challenges in business and in life proactively, rather than reactively, enhancing your businesses' resilience. Your purpose and goodness will be your guides.

Mediation for Families

Family mediation is a valuable resource for families in strife. If you and your loved ones are at an impasse concerning a problem or situation, allow Jon to help find mutual resolution and restore peace.

Individual Coaching

Learn the skills to forge yourself into a strong individual with a sense of purpose and focus, growing and changing for the better; through the unrelenting challenges life brings.

Welcome to the home of Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator: A place where goodness equals strength!

Through his sacred story Jon has developed a science of human understanding AND the mindset you need to deal with today’s turbulence.

Learn to develop the  mindset of a Societal Champion. You need this mindset; train today!

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Society is at a point of inflection of potential negative change and we will not let that happen.

There is a new challenging psychology in the world.

The good people of the world – which is most of us –
are at the risk of being swallowed up by this
new oppressive psychology, unless we do something about it.

For many of us, it’s only when adversity hits, and we feel like
we are between a rock and a hard place –
the basic goodness from decades ago, constrasting with
the current mindset where society seems to have lost that goodness –
that we are ready to make these changes.

How do we bridge that gap?

Over decades of experience, Jon has developed the wisdom to formulate
a compassionate approach to addressing these issues.

He has learned how to do it, and he can teach you how to do it too.

By adopting the approaches developed by Jon, companies, families and individuals
will provide the true leadership for the world through purpose, goodness and focus.

Learn how Jon became a Societal Champion...

and how you can become one too.

Jon Myers the Worlds Best Mediator
Jon Myers, The World's Best Mediator

A Societal Champion is a company, family, and/or individual who is committed to their own success, AND plays a leading role in helping the world at large.

They understand we need to take care of our interests AND actively work toward positive change in society. The days of luxury without greater responsibility are over; this is the mindset of Societal Champion’s, like Jon Myers.

Become a Societal Champion

Taking the first step to see if
becoming a 

Societal Champion

may be what’s right for you

“Finding your inner strength is the most important
thing that you can do for your family, company
and/or yourself in these most challenging times.
The Science of Inner Strength provides a
ground-breaking understanding of
today’s psychology like none other.”

– Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator and Founder of the Science of Inner Strength

Take Your First Step
to Becoming a Societal Champion

  • Do you feel like basic goodness is under assault in today’s world?
  • Do you like to benefit from the strategies that other people have learned to overcome their obstacles?
  • Do you want your company to be proactive rather than reactive so that you’re less vulnerable when issues arise?
  • Do you believe that success is about more than just money and comes with a responsibility?
  • Do you want to fortify yourself with compassionate battle armor to become a peaceful warrior for societal change?
  • Do you aspire to greater goodness?
  • Are you ready for a new, different way?

"The whole course of human history may depend on a change of heart in one solitary and even humble individual - for it is in the solitary mind and soul of the individual that the battle between good and evil is waged and ultimately won or lost."

M. Scott Peck

The World's Best Mediator

How Jon Myers became the world's best mediator, and how that helps you

Jon Myers has an experience which he believes can change the world for the better.

At the core of the story is an unfathomable psychological attack that unfolded over a 30+ year timeframe.

From this experience, Jon developed his inner strength, and now sees it as his responsibility and mission to share the process to become a Societal Champion with the world.

Few people encounter evil,
fewer live to talk about it,
and the fewest

– like Jon –

heal and in turn help others thrive.

Benefits of Jon’s Coaching and Training

A) Elevate your game, and enhance your enduring influence

B) Learn the magic of turning challenge into opportunity

C) By finding and developing your enduring purpose, you gain the resilience necessary to navigate virtually any challenge

The Hallmarks of Jon Myers' and Calm Interventions' Services
are Fairness, Determination, Compassion, and Inspiration

Calm Interventions



One of the particular skills Jon developed over decades, is the understanding of people with personality disorders who exert unfairness on others.

Jon recognizes manipulation and abuse, and stops it.



Too often in today's day and age, people equate indifference for strength. Nope. Strength resides in care for your company, your family, yourself and the world.

With your willingness, you can separate from the crowd. With our approach, Jon brings his genuine compassion to help you hone yours.



To resolve a situation or make things better begins with a willingness to do so.

For the willing, Jon is unfailingly determined to help you get to the right place.

Once your purpose is discovered, you too will have a don't quit attitude that will prevail in your life.



It is not commonly understood that there is greatness within most of us; we simply are not always taught in an encouraging way.

There is a champion within your company, your family, and within you.  We have a unique capability to identify and help you develop that inner champion.

You have more strength and purpose inside you than you know. Start your journey.

ICEBERG: Exposing Psychopathic Behavior and Restoring our Humanity

A Biblical-level memoir of overcoming adversity and building a better society

A book for those who seek to find their inner strength and way in the world. For those who, like many of us, have encountered unfathomable adversity and seek to overcome, if not defeat it. For those familiar with assaults by extreme narcissists, even psychopathic behavior, you will relate.

Unlike other approaches to self-help, Myers does not tell you what to do. Rather, he shows you what he did, with grace, humor, and determination – along with all his imperfections.

Through his own growth and evolution, Myers provides ways forward for America and the world, with a shift in our mindset towards our basic goodness.

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You can access this science through training for companies, 

mediation for families, and coaching for individuals.