The Spiritual Plumber

During the course of a divorce thing, I learned that our sacred and cherished legal system is not functioning close to our wonderous ideals of “liberty and justice for all.” While I see similar things in other parts of our American society, if we are not acting fairly and honestly with people, then problems occur, and on some level we fail to function.

While such stuff, exists in our legal system; it surely is not limited to that, in can be worse in other places, and reflects an extreme narcissistic, dare I say psychopathic mindset that we have allowed to grip our culture. It is where we as Americans collectively need a spiritual realignment. The true American awakening that must occur, is towards our fairness, our decency and our basic goodness.

Where I come in, as a spiritual plumber to address our leak, is the good news that the remedies are not so far from where we are. I am not calling for change, as much as I am calling for a shift in our mindset. That shift must embrace certain ideals:

  1. We really are ALL in this together, and we cannot wait for the next catastrophe to demonstrate this.
  2. While there will be some adjustment for systems,
    including but not limited to: legal, financial, political, and health to be uniformly honest with people, only the worst of the worst need truly lose, and most of us
    will gain.
  3. We can still compete, it just must be done with a sense of reason and fundamentally a sense of helping, if not healing our world in the process.

By learning these principles and inculcating them, through Science of Inner Strength methods into our daily interactions we make ourselves much less susceptible to cancel-type of events. The premise being, once our basic goodness and purpose are established we are anchored in our authenticity.

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