Becoming a Societal Champion

Becoming a Societal Champion is an art and a science.

The beauty of the process is that, for the most part it is about you. Your company, your family or you, as an individual. In the approach offered by Jon Myers and Calm Interventions Inc., unlike other approaches, it is mainly not critical of you. More the opposite, it is about finding your unique strength, your focus, your purpose, your goodness and developing it. Too often society buries our goodness, with contrived senses of right and wrong.

It is not that we can do whatever we want.

Rather it is about finding our purpose, learning how to express it appropriately, and finally developing an assertive presentation of who we are. In essence, your company, your family, your life, becomes a masterpiece; where we find that hidden component of you, dust it off; and then help you develop the mechanisms to use it as your guiding light in life.

Finding, developing and asserting this basic goodness, is the best path forward

It is the considered and deeply experienced view of Jon Myers, the World’s Best Mediator and Founder of the Science of Inner Strength that finding, developing and asserting this basic goodness, is the best path forward. Your authenticity represents the most resilient course to follow.

Jon sees his methods, as the best antidote to things like cancel culture, and a direction in the icy psychological waters of today. No one else has developed an understanding of this new occasionally oppressive psychology AND no one surely has developed the mechanisms and remedies to calmly navigate this psychology, like Jon.

Start now

So start now, for your company, your family, or you, and you will begin the journey to become a societal champion. You will stand out positively in your success and enduring influence. You can head towards your mission and the future with confidence and not excessive fear.

Are you ready?