About Jon

The World's Best Mediator

Jon Myers believes he has a sacred story aimed to shift the mindset of America and the world. Faced with unfathomable and irrational opposition; Jon used this as an opportunity to dig in find his true self and pave a better way for humanity.

Already deeply involved in helping others; the twenty-five-year period of challenge, took Jon from good to great.

Jon has seen humankind at its worst and is committed to bringing out the best for most of us.

Challenge helped Jon develop wonderful qualities, in offers to you and makes Jon, the World’s Best Mediator.

Qualities of the World's Best Mediator


Understanding we all go through challenges, without judgment. Helping those who want improvement to get there.


Listening without judgment. Respecting that challenge and even adversity can serve as a wake-up call.


Helping people understand that their goodness is their strength. Playing a healing role for the willing, by helping you achieve your goals peacefully.


A hallmark of Jon’s life and work. Key here is helping you identify your legitimate interests; so that you focus on true priorities.

A Bit of Humor

Recognizing we are all human. We can stumble; helping people aim for excellence, not perfection.

Science of Human Understanding

 Jon shifts the paradigm, from hypercritical criticism; to supportive approaches based on your goodness. We identify your goodness, and help you use it as a guiding light.


Nothing great, is achieved without focus and prioritizing. What challenges reveal, is a sense of moving from hundreds of priorities to the two or three things that really matter.


Once your underlying goodness and priorities are illuminated, you can then forge these things into a sense of purpose. Purpose gives you the resilience to get through any challenge.


The world needs people to become their true selves. Honest people wanting the best, working hard, and shining their lights. Jon did it, does it, and you can too!


From being imbued with civil rights and diversity as a child; to forty-one years of professional service; Jon embraces and promotes the dignity of all people of diverse genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation and more. ALL people must be afforded dignity from the start, and this principle is a cornerstone of Jon Myers’ life and work.

The Jon Myers Story

Jon believes his story to be of Biblical proportions. From the beginning of his roots to the depths of the betrayal and challenges faced; to the beauty of the lessons learned and shared; Jon sees this as one in a billion and a story that will shift the mindset of America and the world. Key is the notion that no matter how great the obstacle faced, it then provides the opportunity for an equal and greater amount of opportunity. While we hear phrases, such as “crisis is opportunity” and “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger;” few if any, have such intense living proof of such theories in action.

 One facet still misunderstood is the notion that emotional abuse and/or emotional actions can be so vile and violent against another person. (See Jon’s third video for instance.) Most of the spiritual crimes and violations moving forward will be in the emotional/psychological realms, as we have become more attuned to other forms of abuse, such as physical and/or sexual. The amount of emotional/psychological pressure facing Jon over the course of twenty-five years, could have killed most people; instead, Jon persevered, grew, and matured; and developed remedies to uplift the human spirit.


The roots of Jon Myers’ unfathomable story are based in family. Jon had an extraordinary beginning in Scranton, PA. Four grandparents, living back-to-back on Madison and Monroe Avenues. Two grandfathers, first-generation immigrants, one who became a doctor and the other a lawyer; and then two Jewish grandmothers, who lived over one hundred years each, feeding Jon true chicken soup. Parents, Morey, and Sondra, who imbued Jon with a sense of civil rights and caring for one’s children.

Then, unfathomably around 1996, an epic collision. The deep roots, in which Jon was raised, collided with the horror of our modern-day divorce system, in Massachusetts. Suddenly the values, with which Jon was raised were under attack, through uncaring tactics involving one’s life and children. It was a historical collision meant to occur. The deep roots of Jon’s past, his own life and work on behalf of youth and children, impelled Jon to stand in against, the savagery of our divorce system.

Anchored by his commitment to his own children, his commitment to fairness and civil rights; Jon would not be beaten down by nefarious tactics. Through this clash, the unfolded over twenty-five years, a few things happened. One is that the qualities Jon referenced as The World’s Best Mediator developed and were forged, through incredible personal growth. Two, Jon developed his company Calm Interventions Inc., the Science of Inner Strength, and other approaches to reform the basic callousness of our legal system and society. Third, Jon even developed an approach to the United States Supreme Court, relating to the Tort for the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, which Jon sees as ground-breaking work.

Education and Career

Ironically, Jon owes a lot of his education to James Madison elementary school in Scranton. In fourth-grade; Madison integrated with the Washington School, with a wonderful population of African-American students. The diversity of their playground was a huge source of education. More formally, Jon received an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College and a master’s degree from Harvard University, writing a thesis about legendary African-American writer Zora Neale Hurston in 1984, well ahead of his time.

From a brief summer job in Los Angeles in 1979, to forty-one years, in the Greater Boston area; Jon’s career has been based in service to others. In the early part of his career, a substantial part of Jon’s commitment was to diverse youth. Over the course of twenty-two years, Jon ran a residential program, and developed nationally recognized models of youth employment and pre-employment, as a program director, City Councillor and Executive Director, in the City of Cambridge, MA.

It was the events surrounding the challenges in our legal system, and his own story that led to the unleashing of Jon’s entrepreneurial and creative energy, in the formation of Calm Interventions and his whole progression as the World’s Best Mediator.

The Defining Moment

Considering himself blessed, and with a divine mission; there are innumerable moments of wonder in Jon’s life. Still, there were specific moments that stood out. In 1996, when Jon began his marital separation; it was astonishing, as in addition to the hardship of divorce; his entire previously supportive family had turned against him. Sincerely, Jon was in an unfathomable situation. Jon can remember a quiet soft presence entering his life, during the night, bringing a presence and deep understandings.

Key understandings included: 

1) Jon recognizing the four-year-old child, within him and seeing that person was fundamentally a good person, screening out all the opinions of others;

2) Recognizing that anger was a useless tool and a cover-up emotion that drove people away, rather than bring them forward.

3) Realizing that his basic goodness and other breakthroughs, were paths, Jon must follow.

Here we are twenty-six years later, while Jon expected an easier path; this present path, and the twenty-six years of development and forging have brought Jon to a place, where he can teach, help, and heal others.

Calm Interventions

Calm Interventions founded in 2003, became a direct response on Jon’s part to both the harshness of today’s divorce and legal climate in general, as well as Jon’s basic commitment to mediation and positive resolutions.

A Massachusetts corporation, Calm Interventions Inc. provides the backdrop for much of Jon’s work, with a commitment to mediation, coaching and training.

Calm Interventions

Serving You with the Myers Mindset

The Myers Mindset is a specific point and product of the twenty-five years, of twenty-four/seven work and toil on Jon’s part. The Myers Mindset brings a shift in our perspective needed for our world today. 

The Myers Mindset benefits companies, families, and individuals through training, coaching and mediation. 

The key is helping people understand that their goodness is a strength. In today’s world, so much of what is being taught, is that meanness and condescension is the way to work. The Myers Mindset brings a shift, with the sense that our goodness is stronger than crassness. That by identifying our core purpose and working together, we do work that will be more prosperous, benefit more, and leave a legacy.

The Myers Mindset with Jon myers

About Jon's book, Iceberg

Iceberg… is a memoir of Jon’s detailing a substantial part of his journey to becoming the World’s Best Mediator and beyond. Jon was hit with a psychopathic assault that is symbolized in the form of his younger brother David and his wife. Not only were Jon’s basic precepts of fairness challenged in our divorce system; those precepts were tripled by the erroneous betrayal of his family, over the course of decades. Here, Jon reveals his journey and the approaches he took, to survive such profound betrayal and unfairness.

Generally underscored with the sense that no matter, how great the obstacle, Jon would overcome it. Iceberg is a textbook for any who seek to overcome challenges in your life, along with a guidebook for those facing divorce, Parental Alienation or even psychopathic/narcissistic abuse, or abuse of any kind for that matter. Jon found his inner champion and you can too. Rather than preach, likes some approaches to self-help can do; Jon using his determination, patience and humor shows you the inside journey he took.

By reading “Iceberg,” you will gain insight AND inner strength. In a world desperately in need, of authentcity, purpose and fairness; Jon’s journey will inspire and uplift you. This is not the total story, rather one signifcant part of it. You will begin to see, why Jon Myers’s life, work and story, will shift the mindset of the world. You can be part of this awesome initiative. Buy “Iceberg,” you will be so glad you did!